Magna-Mug Website Production


TimelineDecember 2017 - December 2018

ServicesProject Planning, Web Design, Web Development

The Magna-Mug is “the essential party item”. Tom, the inventor, reached out to me to rebuild his website, which had been started, but never completed. I knew this would be a great opportunity to  build a website that reflected the brand flawlessly.

First, since the website Tom already had was out of date, I decided it would be best to build the new website from scratch. I designed the website’s structure to reflect the different sides of Magna-Mug. Next, I began designing and prototyping the site layout. I knew that incorporating the personality Tom brings to the brand would be critical. After a few iterations, the design was complete. Next, I built the site on top of WordPress with a custom theme. I included plenty of custom fields and WooCommerce integration to allow Tom to sell Magna-Mugs online. In addition, Tom wanted customers to be able to design and order custom Magna-Mugs right on the website. To accomplish this, I integrated Fancy Product Designer into WooCommerce.

Now, Tom now has a beautiful (and complete) website to inform consumers and streamline the sales process. Building on WordPress has allowed Tom to take control over his website and ensure his website is always up-to-date. Customers can even design and order custom Magna-Mugs from their phone!

If you’re looking for a great way to hold your drinks at home or a tailgate, check out Magna-Mug. There are plenty of preconfigured designs as well as the option to design your own! They’ll even stick to a moving vehicle!

Custom Magna-Mugs which Tom printed for me.

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