Gypsy Wagon Print Co. Website Production

ClientGypsy Wagon Print Co.

TimelineDecember 2017 - December 2018

ServicesProject Planning, Web Design, Web Development

Gypsy Wagon Print Co. is a printing company based in Harrison, Ohio. As a new business, Gen, the owner, wanted to sell products online and inform consumers of the services she offers. Gen reached out to Dark Roast Creative for its expertise in small business solutions and ability to execute with quality.

As the first step, I designed requirements for the website by talking with Gen about her needs. These requirements created a framework for the website and its structure. Since there was no existing website to work with, I designed and prototyped a design featuring the personality of the brand. Next, I built a custom WordPress theme and installation to suit the requirements. During the process, I integrated WooCommerce with WordPress and Fancy Product Designer. These integrations allow visitors to place custom orders online, which is a large part of Gen’s business. In addition, I implemented custom fields across the website to allow assets and copy to be changed by the client.

As a result, Gypsy Wagon Print Co. has been able to establish its online presence, streamline the ordering process, and improve the efficiency of its production processes. Furthermore, the website has enabled Gen and her team to take ownership of the website and manage its content with ease.

If you’re near Harrison, Ohio, I recommend checking out Gypsy Wagon Print Co. and the quality they offer. The unique decor and personalities of the team make it a unique and enjoyable experience.

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