Barr Corporate Success Plugged Assessment Tool

ClientBarr Corporate Success

ServicesJavaScript Application Development, Admin Dashboard Development

Barr Corporate Success is a consulting firm based in Cincinnati, Ohio. In the process of rebuilding the Barr Corporate Success Website, I was tasked with rebuilding the Plugged Assessment Tool, which before being rebuilt had seen better days.

In the process of rebuilding this tool, I rewrote the assessment’s logic using modern JavaScript, and following functional documentation. Among this implementation are custom classes which feature functions to aid in the process of grading user’s input and providing feedback based on pre-established criteria. Once the assessment had been rebuilt, I tied the logic into the site’s custom WordPress theme, built a custom admin dashboard for viewing assessment results, and meticulously compared what I had built with the functional and design documentation to ensure the assessment perfectly matched the client’s brief.

As a result, the Plugged assessment tool functions with efficiency and accuracy at the forefront for site visitors, and provides powerful insights and maintainability for the client.

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