Introducing Intent Engine 1.0.0

For larger sites, or for sites where one page can have multiple meanings, quite often the user’s intention can when visiting a specific page can be key. I’ve seen this pattern with a few projects, and during a slow afternoon, built a small script to build the structure for a site to respond to different user intents. A few months later, and after learning a little about hybrid mobile apps, I decided to rewrite this script and expand it to a more full JavaScript library.

Intent Engine provides a framework for developers to easily determine and act on user intents within websites and apps.

Intent Engine uses query components to easily integrate with existing websites and apps. This allows products to communicate with the engine what the user wants in a simple and standard manner. In addition, Intent Engine offers an optional page system, designed specifically for hybrid mobile apps. This system allows developers to merge pages and views into less files, and optimize for PWA standards.

While the 1.0.0 release is complete and available for download, I’m working to find ways to streamline the functionality of the library, and add new features to improve the experience for websites, web apps, and hyrbid mobile apps.

For developers that may choose to integrate Intent Engine with a project, please don’t hesitate to reach out with feedback and suggestions, or submit a pull request on GitHub. I’d love to hear about how Intent Engine can be improved.

Intent Engine has been released under the GNU General Public License v3, and is available for review, download, and forking on GitHub.

| August 9, 2017 at 10:13 pm | News, Releases

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