Add Seasonal Flair to Boost Your Sales

Fall is around the corner, which means brands all around the country are rolling out their seasonal flavors. The upcoming season has become prime for consumers to shop for seasonal products, and for some, has been declared the season of “pumpkin spice everything”. While pumpkin spice flavors might not translate to all products, adding seasonal flair to products can be a great way to drive sales.

The Seasonal Flavor Phenomenon

Offering seasonal variants of your products is often a very cost-effective way to offer limited-run products. The beauty is that the base products don’t change, but rather just a detail or two about the products. In addition, seasonal offerings create a sense of exclusivity and festivity to your products. For example, consider brands such as Bath and Body Works as well as Starbucks, both of which see great success with their products. Some credit Starbucks with creating the phenomena surrounding the pumpkin spice flavor that has exploded across several product lines and industries. Bath and Body Works sells millions of dollars worth of products with each season.

The key behind these successes are due in part to the “limited time” nature of the offerings. Consumers love feeling they’re part of something with exclusivity, and will buy in even more when products are relevant to cultural interests such as seasons and holidays.

Limited-run product variants are particularly popular in fashion, personal care products, and the food and beverage industry, though many more industries can benefit. Even coordinating colors, packaging, and marketing with the seasons and holidays can make your brand feel more responsive and adaptive, and draw in sales.

If you’re interested in offering seasonal products, or making your marketing more adaptive, get in touch. I’ll be more than happy to hear about what you do, and find ways to make your brand and its offerings more versatile.

| September 15, 2017 at 2:00 pm | Full Mug Friday

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